Hi! My name is Philip, and I’m one of the co-founders of Amper, a small startup in the manufacturing IoT space. I formerly was a software engineer at Sprout Social in Chicago. I work in the world of web services and distributed systems, and usually find myself writing Java and Python, although lately I’ve been playing with Go.

Here are some things I’m interested in:

  • learning: the vast amount of information now available at our fingertips is mindblowing, but for someone with 0 knowledge of how to get from novice to expert, the knowledge dump of the internet doesn’t always work.
  • making things: I like making things, and I enjoy working with people who also like to make things.
  • games: I grew up up playing a mixture of board games and video games and still enjoy the competition and strategy involved.
  • personal data: the amount of data that exists for a single person is huge. I’m not just talking about the number of web services with API’s that someone is signed up for. Think about everything in your life, the time you spend here or there, when you cook, when you eat out, what kind of stuff do you own, what are all the books you’ve read, etc. There are literally thousands, and I’m curious how to collect it all and index it in an efficient manner.